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    Outdoor Education Programs

    Join one of our Outdoor Education Programs!

    Learn the game of baseball or softball from one of our professional instructors in our outdoor space. Using a uniform step-by-step teaching system, our instructors encourage the education of the 4 main aspects of baseball and softball: hitting, pitching, fielding and situational play. All instructors at Extra Innings Middleton come with an extensive baseball or softball background.

    Book your induvial specific time online only. To monitor availability of one-on-one time, book from Mon-Fri 10 A.M. - 5 P.M. online using the button below. Weather permitting.

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    Baseball & Softball Outdoor Programs | Extra Innings Middleton

    Organized educational programs and activities may occur in outdoor spaces during Phase 1 only if the program does not require individual participants to share equipment or make physical contact in order to engage in the activity, subject to the following guidelines.

    • Participants must pre-register
    • Group classes will be managed to accommodate a minimum of 12 ft distance between each individual activity station.
    • Facial coverings are required, and instructor and participants must always comply with all social distancing requirements and remain 6 ft apart.
    • Programs will be conducted without shared equipment (students are required to bring their own equipment)
    • Activities must be limited to gatherings of no more than 10, including instructor.
    • Instructors must be familiar with all protocols and procedures to maintain a safe activity, e.g. monitoring physical distancing, not allowing participants without facial coverings, disinfecting before and after use in accordance with CDC guidelines.

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